Why a Workshop?

The thought of changing your diet might seem daunting, but really it should be stimulating and inspiring. I believe healthy eating should be delicious, about exciting tastes and flavours and so, as well as seeing clients on a one to one basis, I hold cookery workshops in my home. There is a theme for each workshop and clients learn about how food helps our body, and how to cook delicious and easy meal with fresh, unprocessed whole food. 

What happens during the Workshop?

The workshops take place at Claire's home, north of Lewes. On arrival, you will be given drinks and snacks. You will learn about the nutritional factors relevant to the workshop topic, and then watch Claire cook delicious, healthy food that you will be able to sample. You will be given hand-outs summarizing the session and including the demonstrated recipes.

Cookery workshops can also be held in Lewes and Brighton or anywhere in East Sussex on request.

New Workshop:


The food we eat has a profound effect on the way we feel. But what is a Health Giving Diet, how does it affect our health, and how can we achieve it without spending all day cooking?

  • A diet for fitness, not fatness.
  • Diet and hormones.
  • The problem of the healthy diet that still leaves us tired: considering food intolerances and digestive problems.
  • Energizing foods and how to cook them. 
Tuesday 27th November, 2 to 4pm.

Other workshops available: 

Updated detox workshop!
The detoxification process

Learn about the detoxification process.
Learn about the foods and lifestyle factors that assist detoxification
Watch Claire cook a meal both delicious and designed to help detoxification.

Get in Shape for Summer
Learn how to lose and keep weight off and to cook metabolism boosting, low calorie and delicious meals
Cookery demonstration: a meal to promote weight loss, which you will sample.
This is not about yet another diet, but sensible advice to help you make lifestyle changes that can make all the difference.

Hormone Balance
The focus will be on female hormones, the nutritional factors that influence them, and the foods that balance them.

Food for Kids
Find out how good nutrition can improve your child ‘s well-being, mood and concentration
Tips on how to get your child to enjoy meal time
Cookery demonstration: healthy, child-friendly food , which you will sample 
Cost: £20 per person.
For more info and to book, please contact me.

If you can get a group of 5 to 8 together, and would like to come to one of my workshops, please contact me so we can find a date that suits your group.

Click here for some of my recipes